Gas Plumber Lake Macquarie, Newcastle


Gas fitting service in Lake Macquarie

Gas issues in the home or at business premises can be high risk. There is the real possibility of damage to property and loss of life.

Gas is a great fuel source that is cost-effective and powerful. It can however also be dangerous when not handled properly. Having a professional on hand is the safest way to handle any problems, whether you think they are minor or major.

You should always engage the services of a fully qualified and certified gas fitter. With a trusted provider like DWH Plumbing Solutions, you can be assured that the job will be completed correctly and safely.

We do install, repair, and service all gas appliances from various brands. Having worked on many new constructions and renovation jobs in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the surrounding areas, our team is highly experienced in undertaking all types of gas related works. We collaborate with property owners and contractors to develop detailed plans for gas installations. We also undertake gas conversions for clients that wish to switch to gas supply.

So whether you just want to upgrade your hot water system or need a complete refit of your pipes, we can handle the job. Big or small, we have the skills, qualifications, and capacity to see your gas issues addressed in as short a time as possible.

We highly recommend regular servicing of gas appliances and piping systems to limit the risk of costly and dangerous damage occurring. Regular inspection and replacement of worn parts can do much to safeguard your property and lives. It also helps save on costs that would come from having to overhaul an entire system.

Our well trained and qualified gas plumbers offer a professional service that will see to the return of your peace of mind. Besides offering fast and reliable general plumbing services, our teams are also available 24/7 for any emergency cases like gas leaks. In such cases, you will need speedy service from experienced professionals.

Gas Safety

Gas piping systems can be a dangerous situation if it isn’t installed correctly or even having old gas pipes that haven’t been properly maintained.


Two types of piping systems to monitor

  • Galvanised pipe work
  • Plastic gas piping outside in the UV 

Galvanised pipe tends to rust and become brittle over time which is why we offer a pipe work inspection and replacement service on homes and businesses.
Most plastic gas piping systems, commonly yellow in colour are NOT suitable for the outdoor elements and UV from the sun.

If you suspect that you have a gas leak in Lake Macquarie or Newcastle, act immediately. We carry top quality testing equipment for leak detection. Give us a call by simply:

  1. Phone 0421 391 599
  2. We will book in a time that is most suitable to you.
  3. Enjoy peace of mind as we take care of your gas issue by making your gas system safe.
Gasfitting services include:
  • Gas hot water systems
  • Gas meter connections
  • Floor bayonets
  • BBQ bayonets
  • Pipe renewals
  • Leaks 
  • LPG gas installations