Emergency Blocked Drain Service Lake Macquarie, Newcastle

DWH Plumbing Solutions pride ourselves on being one of the best blocked drain repair experts in the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle area. A blocked drain seems to happen at the worst of times and are one of the biggest inconveniences homeowners, business owners & strata managers face on a daily basis. Blocked toilets are one of the more common reasons we’re called out to homes & businesses across Lake Macquarie and the Hunter.

We offer a fast response 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency blocked drain service, with same day drain cleaning services.

Blocked or clogged drains can be caused by a number reasons:

  • Excessive toilet paper
  • Wet wipes
  • Sanitary pads
  • Paper towel 
  • Hair
  • Toys
  • Tree roots
  • Cat litter
  • Mobile phones
  • Cooking oils
  • Food 
  • Renovation debris
  • Cracked pipe
  • Collapsed pipe
  • Broken pipe
  • Rags/clothes

Are you having a blocked drain problem?

Having a blocked drain can be an unpleasant experience and also a hygiene problem if your drain is overflowing indoors or outdoors. This can be a real issue if there is infants, small children or pets roaming the yard during a sewerage overflow. At DWH we clear blocked drains fast & clean up any mess and will have your home or business back in working order with minimal disruption. Most drains require CCTV Camera Inspections to pinpoint the troublesome location, so we offer this option to customers to give them peace of mind on checking the condition of their drains.

All blockages we clear are covered by warranty, however, they will require a CCTV Camera Inspection after the drain has been cleared.   

Blocked Drain

If you are experiencing an emergency due to either a blocked toilet, sink or overflowing pipe in Lake Macquarie or Newcastle then give us a call by simply:

  1. Phone 0421 391 599
  2. We will book in a time that is most suitable to you.
  3. Enjoy peace of mind as we take care of your issue and clean up thoroughly once we have solved your problem. 
Blocked Drain


Signs of a blocked sewer drain Lake Macquarie

There could be a number of warning signs that there is either a blockage or a partial blockage in your drainage system. In most cases, a blockage is first noticed when a toilet has been flushed and the water level rises up in the toilet bowl, then slowly drains away. If this is the case you can have a look outside and check if there is any sewer overflowing from an external drain. If there is, it is a good indication that the blockage is external of the house which could possibly be tree root affected.
Other signs could be bad odours in the bathroom coming from the drains, and/or listen out for gurgling sounds from basins, shower and floor drains.

Blocked Drain


Grease clogged drains

Grease blockages are a common household problem, grease mainly effects the drain section that may junction off to the kitchen sink. It is wise to not tip used cooking oils down the drain to save you money in the long run. Once hot oils are tipped down the drain they consolidate once they reach the cold water or when the oil has travelled far enough down the line. This can be a real problem once it enters the junction of the main house drain that may pick up other sections of the house like a toilet for instance. The grease or fat then begins to build up overtime and eventually gets big enough that it causes toilet paper and faeces to get caught up and end up backing up most of the time and overflowing onto the grass or concrete from the external drain opening known as a surcharge gully.

Blocked Toilet Lake Macquarie

A blocked toilet is always an inconvenience for property owners and especially for a business that has a toilet cubical working in high demand. In most cases, a toilet blockage can be blocked locally. This is known as a local blockage. It is where the clogged section can be either in the toilet s-trap section or on the outlet section of the toilet bowl. Common causes of blockages can be due to excessive toilet paper, baby wipes that can get snagged and also toys from small children that find it amusing to watch them disappear.

Blocked Shower

Blocked shower drains are most of the time caused by the build up of hair and soap scum.

Shower drains are also prone to blocking up and slowly draining after a bathroom renovation due to debris that may have fallen into drains that haven’t been properly protected while it is in the demolition stage.

In some older houses and apartments, the existing drains can be made of cast iron and already have many years of waste build up that is lining the internal drain walls. If these types of drains haven’t been replaced during the renovation, these blockages tend to be noticed much sooner after the renovation because debris commonly gets caught up on the existing waste build up causing the drain to back up and overflow.

Blocked Basin

Basins can commonly block due to build up of tooth paste, hair and soap scum.

A good indication of the basin waste starting to become blocked is if the water slowly drains away and if you hear possible gurgling sounds or smell foul odours near the basin. 

Clogged basins can be a common issue due to the small size of the waste pipe compared to the size of other waste pipes such as the shower or toilet drains. 

Sewer Drain Cleaning Lake Macquarie

When a blockage is evident in your drains, the most effective solution to clearing the issue is with a water Jetter.

A Jetter is designed to blast high pressure water into a drain, blasting water forwards and backwards at the same time through a nozzle head.

This type of action is the most effective way to clean and descale drainage build up of a drains inner lining. There are multiple types of nozzle heads that are used in the event of a blockage – ones designed to pierce an obstruction and others that cut through tree roots and debris.

DWH Plumbing Solutions specialise in getting blocked drains flowing again in the quickest of time with little disruption. Give us a call if you require a professional to fix your drainage problems in 2020, be it either day or night.

Frequently asked questions about blocked drains

> Gurgling sounds coming from floor drains or toilets.

> Foul smell from drains in bathroom or kitchen areas.

> Sewer waste could be overflowing from an external gully drain.

> Most of the time your toilet water will rise up when flushed, then slowly drain away if the drain is only partially blocked.

> There are multiple reasons your drain becomes clogged, some could be due to tree roots, old cracked clay pipes or even a collapsed/broken drain pipe.

> You can try releasing your blocked toilet with a plunger first before calling a plumber.

> You can try to release the blockage with a plunger first, or try by using a drain auger.

> Plumbers use a variety of tools and machines to clear away blockages. Here is a list of common drain cleaning equipment:- 

– Plunger

– Drain auger

– Electric eel machine

– Water jetter machine

– CCTV camera inspection

> Most hand basins become clogged due to hair and tooth paste build up. Try a plunger first or another way to clear it can be by carefully tipping hot water from a kettle down the plug hole to soften any build up.

> Not all plumbers do, most maintenance and general plumbing plumbers do this regularly and carry the equipment on their work vehicles.

> No, your sewer drains are seperate to your storm water drains. It is illegal to connect any storm water or rain water run off to a sewage drain and likewise to connect any sewage drain to a storm water drain.

> If you have had tree roots cleared from your drains previously it is more than likely they will return. Once there is any tree root infestation it becomes an on going maintenance job usually every 6 to 12 months to have them cleared out to keep your drains flowing.

> Most external drains can be cleared by either water jetting or use of an electric eel. Depending on the age of the drain and its location are key factors to its condition. For example, tree roots have grown around the drain pipe causing it to collapse.